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My knowledge of finance and nutrition help me craft informative organic blog posts in both subjects

Before motherhood I was career driven. I earned an accounting degree through SAIT and worked as a corporate accountant for a property management company, then a privately owned radio conglomerate. On the side I earned a nutrition diploma and began to explore nutrition blogging. 

My passion for writing creates entertaining articles

As a mother I've had plenty of time to ponder what I want out of life and career. I've always been drawn to writing. English was my best subject throughout grade school. For the brief period I managed a nutrition blog, I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Everything from learning about information marketing, to writing, to research. 

Now I am able to share my knowledge with you and help you free up your time so you can focus on your clients rather than blogging. 

I write blog posts designed to attract, hold attention, and convert. 

At the bottom of this page are examples of posts I've written. When you're ready to talk fill out the form below and we can discuss how I can help you.

Thank you for considering me to write for your website. I am truly looking forward to getting to know you and helping your business grow.


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